Spring Break in Tampa

This past Monday, I arrived back in New York after a 10 day trip to Tampa Bay. My boyfriend Tom’s parents just recently bought a house around Clearwater, and we couldn’t wait to get down to some warm weather!

Our trip got off to a lovely start when we arrived at the airport to discover our flight had to be cancelled- they booked us a new one for 6 a.m. the next morning. Now, I’m all for waking up early. If anyone’s a morning person, its me. But waking up in the 3 o’clock hour was a tad early for me.

But once we got there, we were ecstatic


How beautiful was the view from their house?!




We got to go to 2 Lightening games while we were down there, and they won both! I guess we’re their little good luck charms 😉

I also FINALLY got to go to Yogurtology! I’ve heard great things about this place and now I see why. I adored the salted caramel, red velvet and oatmeal cookie flavors. Yum!


Next on the frozen yogurt bucket list: Menchies!!


Another amazing food experience was Sweet Tomatoes. Or as I like to call it.. “Heaven”. All you can eat salad bar with tons of healthy options, soups, fruit, bakery items and hot tea and coffee. And they had an ice cream machine for dessert! I LOVE a good salad bar!



I also discovered a new hobby of mine- kayaking! Tom’s parents have 2 of them and we took them out a few times. Not only is it a great workout, it’s so much fun!
Tom and I have also made a habit out of mini golfing when we go on vacation. When we went to Cape May with my family a couple years ago, he beat me by one stroke on the last.hole. I got my revenge in Tampa! He choked missed a shot on the 18th hole and I returned the favor by beating him by 1 putt.

We had an amazing time, but it felt good to come home. Even if the weather was 40 degrees colder. Yikes.

Any readers from the Tampa area? What are some suggestions of fun things to do down there?

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